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After a small break producing tracks for some big names such as Axel Johansson, Alok and Sofia Reyes, Norwegian EDM artist Milos has three new singles in the bank for 2020. The two releases for 2020 are "One More Night" featuring Ima Sobé, then followed by "Attention".

Hailing from Stord on the west coast of Norway, Milos started his journey under another alias "Hargulf" where he made tropical house remixes. The remixes led to a gig with Nico & Vinz at Jærdagene Festival.
With over 1 million plays on Soundcloud and 400-500.000 views on YouTube he landed his first official remix for Ruben’s "Go For Love" hitting 250.000 streams on Spotify.

Summer 2018 he got approval to do a remix for Ramòn’s track "Knock".  Milos also won the Spinnin Records and Tungevaag "Knockout" remix contest.


He decided to start of fresh with a new alias and started to define the sound and style that he wanted to produce.

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