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Norwegian artist Ima Sobé is known for being the voice on songs with over 35 million streams. She has featured with artists like ItaloBrothers and Tungevaag. She got massive support from Spotify when she released her single "Everything To Nothing" and was added on their most popular playlists worldwide.


The past few years, Ima Sobé has worked as a songwriter delivering toplines for both small and big artists. Recently, she wrote a track for major artists such as Sofia Reyes and Alok. She decided to start fresh and focus more on music that represents her personally as an artist.

Her upbringing was heavily surrounded by music as she comes from a musical family and got exposed to all kinds of music from an early age. Ima Sobé is known in the music industry for her effortless melodies and storytelling abilities.

2020 will be an exciting year for Ima Sobé with a bunch of releases lined up starting with her new single "Mine".

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